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Regain your energy and prolong your youthfulness.

The longer you wait, the harder it is to tackle and control your ageing rhythm. In order to effectively reverse the effects, the body needs the help that cell extract can provide to help it regenerate and slow down the aging process. The Swiss Stem Cell Medical Center offers two state-of-the-art methods to combat the first signs of aging. 


Discover the power of tissue regeneration with this stem cell-based anti-aging therapy. Adapted to your needs and performed by a team of highly qualified doctors, this treatment is very effective in improving your general health, restoring the youthfulness of your skin and renewing natural collagen.

  • Objectives: the stem cell therapy offered by our medical centre aims to improve the patient’s general health, prolong their active lifestyle and prevent various age-related diseases and physical signs.
  • Procedure: stem cells from your adipose tissue are harvested and then sent to the laboratory. First tested microbiologically and serologically in the laboratory to ensure the quality of the sample, the cells are then separated from the fat tissue and processed. Once the cells are activated, they are re-injected into your body to revitalize your tissues and give your skin a youthful appearance.
  • Benefits of treatment: no chemicals or drugs are used and they are sos own stem cells. The treatment increases metabolism, rebalances your body’s hormones. You will regain healthy sleep and an excellent energy level. Sexual desire is also increased.


Regenerate your body and mind.

As we approach physical and sexual maturity, the rate of cellular damage increases in speed and intensity. In order to slow down this aging process, it is essential to help damaged cells rebuild themselves. 

Our treatment based on active cell extract enhances the self-healing capacities of your cells, as well as their mobilization and activation. The Swiss Stem Cell centre offers you a latest-generation solution, 100% natural and with a strong potential

  • Objectives: to help your body fight the signs of aging. 
  • Process: treatment is administered subcutaneously to ensure that the injected solution is absorbed more slowly and efficiently by the body. 
  • Benefits of Treatment: cellular extracts provide a strong stimulation in the whole body.  The treatment will therefore strengthen your body’s natural defenses, support its metabolism, regulate hormonal imbalances by stimulating sexual functions. The general activity of the body increases as well as its resistance.